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Since 2017, the LHK Group team has been working to create the best service quality

According to an internal survey, 98% of registered users are satisfied with the LHK Group team. Every trader receives not only professional service, but also privileged trading conditions.

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The overall goal of the LHK Group team is to become the number one brokerage service provider in the world

Increase the number of active accounts to 500,000
If the current trend continues, in 2 years our company will register half a million real accounts.
Making CFD trading even easier and simpler
Already now the LHK Group team is working on a strategy to reduce the spread level and increase the speed of order processing.

LHK Group is a reliable partner for profitable CFD trading.

When choosing a broker, the first place is taken by the quality of service and real trading conditions. The LHK Group company uses advanced technologies for quality liquidity.

Traders feel the high speed of order execution, absence of requotes and slippages, as well as transparency of calculation of small spreads.


History of LHK Group


Opening of the first office in Cyprus and registration of the first 30,000 traders

A representative office was opened on the island of Cyprus at 2, Agias Sofias, Lemesos District, 3065. From now on, users have access to all asset groups represented on the LHK Group website. By the end of the year, 30,000 accounts had already been registered.


Optimization of trading conditions and international recognition

There are already 100,000 registered traders who have noted the high quality of the broker's trading conditions. The team was awarded two prestigious prizes: IAFT Awards 2018 and Best Standard Forex Broker 2018.


Updating the trading platform for new trading opportunities

The team of IT specialists has added new functionality to the trading platform. Now it's even easier to perform technical analysis! The company was awarded the Most Trusted Forex Broker 2019 and FinTech Age Awards 2019 for its high level of service to traders.


Together LHK Group has already traded 180,000 traders on financial markets

The company attracts new traders from Europe, Asia, CIS and Australia. LHK Group was awarded the South-East Asia 2020 IAIR Award for optimized and transparent trading conditions.

LHK Group trading platform designed for professionals and beginners

Technical analysis and asset chart management have never been so easy! With a couple of clicks, you can select a tool to analyze or change order settings. Both novice and professional traders will be able to trade equally effectively through this platform.
The advantages of the platform:
Over 120 different tools for analysis
Time of execution of orders up to 30 milliseconds
Access to trade 24/7
High data security
Protection against negative balance
Intuitive interface
Leverage from 1:1 to 1:500